3D design tutorial

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns of any of you friends who work in the field of CNC or 3D printers is that you you want to personally design the 3D files you need, thus you can saving on your production costs.

Some of you friends may be looking for a source of income through the 3D design profession.

In any case, we give you good news, that our team, with several years of experience in this field and with the aim of satisfying you, will provide 3D design training on this site. Of course, due to the vastness of the content that needs to be covered, this content has been placed in different categories, which have been gradually updated, and you can follow us on our virtual pages to keep up to date with the updating of this content. .

Of course, your comments, your friends, and your suggestions and criticisms make this content more productive and practical. So give us your feedback.

This website is designed in such a way that you, dear colleagues, can be with us by sending comments in any section or activity as a salesperson, such as a writer and a professor, so that we can take a step together in teaching 3D design.

You can view the site’s tutorials on this site and in the news and announcements menu and its various sub-categories, and express your views about them. You can also ask questions or discuss these topics on our separate pages with other friends.

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