The file you receive after downloading is a compressed file in RAR format. To access the desired STL file, you must decompress this compressed file using WinRAR software.
No, we only provide the 3D file in STL format to our valued customers. This file is the standard format used in the CNC industry and 3D printers. As the G-code needs to be tailored to the specific device and its control requirements, it should be prepared by your operator from the purchased STL file, based on the conditions of the device and material.
The STL file is a standard format, similar to other popular 3D formats like OBJ or FBX, and can be imported (opened) in most 3D software such as 3D Max, Rhino, Maya, Zbrush, Modbox, Blender, etc. However, to prepare G-code from the STL file, you will need to use CAM software such as Artcam, Powermill, or Rhinocam. These CAM software support the STL format and can be imported into all of the aforementioned 3D software programs.